Exciting Game Update Coming Soon: Souls of Meta pioneering Fun-2-Earn features!

Very soon you will be able to start earning tokens in your favorite game 🕹

You have probably already tried our playable demo or at least watched the game trailer and are familiar with the basics of our game. As written in our GamePaper, there will be so many ways to earn in Souls of Meta. We will be releasing game updates one-by-one introducing those Fun-2-Earn features over time to our lovely community.

While we are preparing for IDO, our development team is working around the clock to bring Earn part in addition to Fun. And now the time has come to introduce our first major earning features.

Fun-2-Earn features to be added soon

Here is the list of pioneering Fun-2-Earn features that will be added to the game very soon to allow you to farm SMP reward tokens:

  • Fighting monsters
  • Unlocking treasure chests
  • Defeating Horde Overlords

And also SOM utility tokens:

  • Sell upgraded NFTs on the Marketplace
  • Swap SMP to SOM

This will allow all the NFT holders to start earning in Souls of Meta!

How to get started?

At first, you will have to obtain some NFTs either on INO or on the Marketplace. Both will be available through the browser and within the game. To start the game you will have to download a new updated version marked as F2E (Fun-2-Earn) from our website. After installation, you will need to connect your MetaMask inside the game to enable your purchased NFTs.

To start earning, you will need to own at least 1 character and 1 weapon NFTs! 🗝

INO Town — Marketplace merchant

If you don’t have any NFTs just select INO Town location from the game menu and go to the Marketplace merchant to buy yourself at least one character and one weapon NFTs. This is how you enter the Dungeon mode: you can look for a portal that says “Fun-2-Earn Undead Realm” and jump right into it. Then you will be offered to select the character NFT you wish to enter the Dungeon with and also equip him or her with a weapon NFT.

Afterward, the game begins! 🏁

How to earn SMP?

Undead Realm is a mysterious place filled with Horde monsters. You will have to pass this Dungeon level with one hero: solving small puzzles, defeating the enemies, and killing the YAMA — The Horde Overlord at the end to complete it.

On your way through, you will collect SMP tokens that can be just lying around on the surface, hiding in treasure chests, or might be dropping out of the YAMA The Horde Overlord.

Characters get XP and level up when killing monsters. Each character has its own abilities that you can learn and upgrade after a certain amount of XP was gained. The higher your level is the more XP is necessary for the level up. Also, keep in mind that if you die on the level, your collected SMP tokens will be lost, but the level will be saved.

Eventually, your character will reach the maximum level of 50 and you will be able to upgrade his or her NFT tier! That feature will be added in the subsequent game updates.

After the level is completed you will see the summary screen that tells you some statistics on how many monsters did you kill and how many SMP tokens you farm. You can Claim your SMP tokens from there. When you start this level again, the difficulty will be increased as well as the token drop.

How to earn SOM?

After you’ve farmed enough SMP reward tokens, you can swap them into SOM utility tokens. These tokens can be traded on DEX or used to buy NFTs on our upcoming INOs and Marketplace.

NFTs upgraded through gameplay have a higher value as they are more powerful and defeat monsters better thus earning faster. After you’ve upgraded your NFTs to a certain level you may want to sell them on the Marketplace to other players for a higher price and earn SOM tokens.

When is the update?

We are aiming for the update to be released on 21st July 2022 right after INO. Subscribe to our Announcements channel for the latest updates.

What to do now?

Join the INO to get the playable NFTs at the best price — https://soulsofmeta.medium.com/souls-of-meta-genesis-characters-and-weapons-ino-coming-soon-579eb72246e0

You may try out the current Fun version of the game — https://soulsofmeta.io/demo

And don’t forget to whitelist for our IDO — https://app.viralsweep.com/sweeps/full/a7cf95-108250


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