⚔️ SOULS OF META Fun-2-Earn Journey | A Complete Beginners Guide (+Video)

Pioneering Fun-2-Earn features

  • Dungeon exploration and coin collection
  • Fighting monsters around the map
  • Unlocking treasure chests to boost earnings
  • Collecting keys to unlock more chambers
  • Leveling up Characters to become stronger
  • Learning new skills to deal more damage or heal
  • Defeating Horde Overlords and claiming tokens

🦄 Here is a complete guide on how to start your Fun-2-Earn journey in a magical world of Souls of Meta 👇🏻

Fun-2-Earn game cycle

Setting up

  1. Download our Fun-2-Earn game client via this link for Windows https://soulsofmeta.io/F2E/game
  2. Install and launch the game on your device
  3. Create an in-game account
  4. Confirm your email address by inputting the code that was sent to your inbox
Get your NFTs to start earning!

Launching the game and getting NFTs

  1. Select the INO Town level from the Main Menu of the game and go to the middle of it where all the Character NFTs are standing in the semi-circle
  2. Browse through Character NFTs by hovering over them and pressing the <F> key to review the details
  3. Compare the attributes, select a tier, and click the Buy button
  4. A browser window will open redirecting you to the SoulPad Marketplace https://spad.soulsofmeta.com/buy-nft
  5. Connect your Web3 wallet (i.e. MetaMask) that has enough BUSD and some BNB for transaction fees
  6. Approve the transaction and wait till it is confirmed on the blockchain
  7. Go to My NFT section, log in, and wait till your NFTs show up (they will sync up with the backend and will become visible in the game)
  8. Return to the game and go to the Character Keeper NPC in the middle of the square to use your purchased Character NFTs
  9. Done! Now repeat the same process for Weapon NFTs!

Embrace Fun-2-Earn activities

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