Introducing The ASSASSIN | A Playable Fun2Earn NFT Character

Character description

Role: Assassin
Profession: Ninja
Origin: City of Danak, Samurai Realm
Abilities: Swift Strike, Poisonous Sting, Dust Cloud

Assassin is a master of stealth and agility. He can approach his targets quietly, perform deadly blows at lightning speed, and be gone into the unknown in seconds. He excels in all ninja ways and has an arsenal of poisonous blades at his disposal to leave his enemies shocked, bleeding, and slowly dying. However fast, he might not stand against multiple enemies in close combat for a long time and is vulnerable to magic spells.

Story Piece unveil

In ancient scrolls of The Great Library some information was uncovered about the origins of Assassins:

It was unusually crowded for a noontime on this hot summer day in Danak. All because the city was preparing for the king’s visit. King Chavasa was a very powerful and cruel man. Every year he visited all cities across his Samurai Realm to show his power. He liked to see the fights. So every time he arrived the hosting city picked the fighters to please the honored visitor. The problem was that the fighters were not professionals and moreover — picked against their will. Those who lost the fights were sentenced to death by his own hand and he enjoyed it so much. That’s why King Chavasa became a target number one for the Assassins Order, which sole existence was to protect innocent citizens of Samurai Realm.

Assassins Order was formed by Ezra and accepted every race into their lines. They trained everybody to be the masters of swift blades and deadly potions.

Little was known about Order’s participation in the war against Yama due to the secrecy under which they operated. However, there is evidence proving that Assassins delivered multiple fatal strikes to Horde Overlords, disrupting the chain of command that caused chaos and fear across enemy lines.

NFT attributes

Amount: 1024
Floor price: 80 BUSD
Tiers: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Super Super Rare

Genesis Character Collection

Souls of Meta Genesis Character Collection contains 6 super epic roles: Mage, Assassin, Brute, Healer, Buffer, and Tank. Each role has its unique skills and fighting style — choose yours to maximize Fun-2-Earn! We will be revealing characters one by one in this series of posts. Keep in mind that as a special Genesis launch offer you will be able to buy all tiers at the upcoming Genesis INO, but only the Common tier will be available for purchase in our In-Game NFT Marketplace after this INO is concluded.

Check out all revealed characters:
🥷🏼 Assassin (Ninja)
🗿 Tank (Knight)
🤺 Brute (Bounty Hunter)
💃🏻 Buffer (Geisha)
‍🧚🏼‍♀️ Healer (Druid)
🧞 Mage (Djinn)

More will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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