Introducing The BUFFER | A Playable Fun2Earn NFT Character

Character description

Role: Buffer
Profession: Geisha
Origin: Samurai Realm
Abilities: Arta’s Blessing, Indra’s Blessing, Ezra’s Blessing

Geisha is a powerful support character. Her magical skills can significantly endorse her and other players’ attributes making them stronger and more powerful. In this way, you can defeat larger groups of enemies faster. However, they are not very effective in close combat and should carefully control the amount of damage they receive.

Story Piece unveil

In ancient scrolls of The Great Library some information was uncovered about the origins of Buffers:

Life in Samurai Realm couldn’t be the same after King Chivas had been killed by members of the Assassins Order. As the King didn’t have any heirs to the throne, the citizens chose the wisest person in the entire Realm — Akira, as their new ruler. Queen Akira was from a noble family, pretty young but extremely intelligent, and possessed some outstanding magical talents that inspired others. She was a wise strategist with a strive to create a peaceful and prosperous society and already had experience in leading warriors into battle.

As a queen, she quickly rebuilt the Samurai Realm and assembled a great army to fight Yama. People loved and trusted her, so there were many volunteers to go on and fight for her. With the largest army ever, Akira joined Indra’s battle against Yama. She and he trained Buffer followers were enhancing their army strengths, and the victory was so close. Later that day, Akira and Indra fought their way to Yama’s Dark Lair. No one has ever seen them again since then.

NFT attributes

Amount: 1024
Floor price: 80 BUSD
Tiers: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR)

Genesis Character Collection

Souls of Meta Genesis Character Collection contains 6 super epic roles: Mage, Assassin, Brute, Healer, Buffer, and Tank. Each role has its own unique set of skills and fighting style — choose yours to maximize Fun-2-Earn! We will be revealing characters one by one in this series of posts. Keep in mind that as a special Genesis launch offer you will be able to buy all tiers at the upcoming Genesis INO, but only the Common tier will be available for purchase in our In-Game NFT Marketplace after this INO is concluded.

Check out all revealed characters:
🥷🏼 Assassin (Ninja)
🗿 Tank (Knight)
🤺 Brute (Bounty Hunter)
💃🏻 Buffer (Geisha)
‍🧚🏼‍♀️ Healer (Druid)
🧞 Mage (Djinn)

More will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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