Introducing The HEALER | A Playable Fun2Earn NFT Character

Role: Healer
Profession: Druid
Origin: Talamar Woods, Magic Realm
Abilities: Touch of Magic, Touch of Unity, Panic Attack

Druid is a powerful herbology expert. She knows all the way some powerful healing chants and potions that can cure anyone in focus. They also can dismiss you of any curses and debuffs. Despite her fragile appearance Druid is quite tough to beat especially when they scream causing everyone to run away in panic. Unfortunately, her rudimentary wings slow her down in movement and combat speed.

Story Piece unveil

In ancient scrolls of The Great Library some information was uncovered about the origins of Healers:

Being the biggest expert at healing charms and herbology in the whole Magic Realm — Shadit was summoned by Indra to take part in the battle against Yama and The Horde. She managed to gather two thousand druids with her to join Indra’s SoulHero Army. Their powerful scream tides scared Horde minions and healing spells helped SoulWarriors to fight longer. Despite the certainty of victory, Shadit witnessed their devastating defeat: her kind was almost wiped out, Sphere of Souls broken, and all Realms got separated. She could do nothing but believe in a prophecy that one day a new Super SoulHero would come to defeat Yama and connect all the parts of the Sphere of Souls to reunite all the Realms again. Until then she stays at her home deep in the Talamar Woods to protect them from the new wave of The Horde.

NFT attributes

Amount: 1024
Floor price: 80 BUSD
Tiers: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR)

Genesis Character Collection

Souls of Meta Genesis Character Collection contains 6 super epic roles: Mage, Assassin, Brute, Healer, Buffer, and Tank. Each role has its own unique set of skills and fighting style — choose yours to maximize Fun-2-Earn! We will be revealing characters one by one in this series of posts. Keep in mind that as a special Genesis launch offer you will be able to buy all tiers at the upcoming Genesis INO, but only the Common tier will be available for purchase in our In-Game NFT Marketplace after this INO is concluded.

Check out all revealed characters:
🥷🏼 Assassin (Ninja)
🗿 Tank (Knight)
🤺 Brute (Bounty Hunter)
💃🏻 Buffer (Geisha)
‍🧚🏼‍♀️ Healer (Druid)
🧞 Mage (Djinn)

More will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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