Introducing The TANK | A Playable Fun2Earn NFT Character

Character description

Role: Tank
Profession: Knight
Origin: Arta Volcano, Magic Realm
Abilities: Rockefeller, Aggression, Attraction

Tank is designed to withstand and absorb substantial amounts of damage from multiple enemies and Horde Overlords. He has abilities to attract monsters toward him saving weaker party members. Having a lot of HP and the toughest armor means he is quite slow but doesn’t get much damage.

Story Piece unveil

In ancient scrolls of The Great Library some information was uncovered about the origins of Tanks:

Ancient spirits of fire lived in caves of the volcanic mountain Arta deep inside the mysterious Magic Realm. When the Yama’s Horde threat was upon SoulVerse, mages of the Wizard Academy led by Indra came to Arta and performed an incredibly powerful magical ritual of Soul Infusion. They conjured Ancient spirits of fire to assist in the battle against Yama and embodied them inside an incredibly strong steel armor. This is how Tanks were formed and served as a knight vanguard of Indra’s SoulHero Army.

These knights were highly effective against Yama’s Horde forces and participated in every battle in large numbers. After Indra’s defeat, all SoulHeroes fled to their Realms and there was not enough SoulPower to maintain such a super knight army, so most of the Tanks were disbanded and returned to their caves inside Arta volcano to hide. But some of the most powerful spirits adopted mages’ skill to generate SoulPower and learned to maintain their Tank form. They decided to continue resisting Yama.

NFT attributes

Amount: 1024
Floor price: 80 BUSD
Tiers: Normal, Rare, Super Rare, Super Super Rare

Genesis Character Collection

Souls of Meta Genesis Character Collection contains 6 super epic roles: Mage, Assassin, Brute, Healer, Buffer, and Tank. Each role has its own unique set of skills and fighting style — choose yours to maximize Fun-2-Earn! We will be revealing characters one by one in this series of posts. Keep in mind that as a special Genesis launch offer you will be able to buy all tiers at the upcoming Genesis INO, but only the Common tier will be available for purchase in our In-Game NFT Marketplace after this INO is concluded.

Check out all revealed characters:
🥷🏼 Assassin (Ninja)
🗿 Tank (Knight)
🤺 Brute (Bounty Hunter)
💃🏻 Buffer (Geisha)
‍🧚🏼‍♀️ Healer (Druid)
🧞 Mage (Djinn)

More will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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