Presenting Guild NFTs in Souls of Meta

In the current market, it might be quite expensive to buy different Playable NFTs for all the Guild scholars at once. That is why in addition to providing an investment opportunity for Guilds to invest in Playable Fun2Earn NFT Portfolio in Souls of Meta, we are introducing a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) mechanism starting with Guild NFTs enabling Guilds to offer an income generating opportunity for their Guild Scholars and remove the barrier to entry into our Fun2Earn economic model for gamers.

What is a GNFT?

Guild NFT or GNFT is a special type of NFT in Souls of Meta that allows scholars to access Fun-2-Earn features now but pay in installments from their earnings. Each GNFT costs $80 (same as the floor price of all our NFTs) and you need at least 1 Character and 1 Weapon GNFT to start your journey. So the total debt would be $160 per new scholar.

How does it work?

We drop 1 Character and 1 Weapon GNFT to each scholar on the Whitelist provided by the Guild. They can start their Fun-2-Earn journey with this GNFT package right away and pay 50% of their Daily Earnings towards the $160 they owe to the Platform for the 2 NFTs given. Once they pay off $160 owed to the platform, they will keep 100% of their earnings and gain full ownership of their assets, and can also trade their GNFTs if they wish. If scholars don’t pay it back in 6 months, the GNFT will be returned to the GNFT Bank, and other scholars will be able to rent it.

Income Calculation

Based on current Fun-2-Earn economic model metrics, scholars will make monthly ~$150 (with 10hrs/day of playtime). So approximately in 32 days, Players can pay back $160 that’s given to them as GNFTs and keep 100% earnings and own the 2 tradable GNFTs thereafter.

GNFT Summary

Type: GNFT
Target audience: Guild Scholars
Package: 1 Character + 1 Weapon
Tier: Normal
Initial payment: 0 BUSD
Each NFT price: 80 BUSD (160 BUSD for the package)
SMP rewards before ownership: 50%
Estimated time till full ownership: 32 days*
Estimated daily income before ownership: $2.5 per day*
Estimated daily income after ownership: $5 per day*

*Calculated for 10 hours/day of playtime with Normal tier NFTs of Non-Genesis Collection.

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