SOULS OF MΞTΛ | Month End Report — June 2022

It’s been an active month at Souls Of Meta. Despite the unprecedented down-market conditions, we haven’t stopped our game development and INO/IDO preparations. We are proud to have such an experienced leadership and hard-working dedicated team fully committed to the success of our community at large.


4 new NFT Genesis Characters were revealed this month — Brute, Buffer, Healer, and Mage.

Character description

Role: Brute

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Origin: Borderlands, Samurai Realms

Abilities: Power Blow, Chain Strike, Battle Stance

Brute is a fierce close combat warrior who can both sustain and deal huge amounts of damage. His abilities allow him to do powerful strikes on single or multiple targets at once. He is really fast too, but being a dwarf means low MP and Stamina capacity. Read more

Role: Buffer

Profession: Geisha

Origin: Samurai Realm

Abilities: Arta’s Blessing, Indra’s Blessing, Ezra’s Blessing

Geisha is a powerful support character. Her magical skills can significantly endorse her and other players’ attributes, making them more powerful. In this way, you can defeat larger groups of enemies faster. However, they are not very effective in close combat and should carefully control the amount of damage they receive. Read more

Role: Healer

Profession: Druid

Origin: Talamar Woods, Magic Realm

Abilities: Touch of Magic, Touch of Unity, Panic Attack

Druid is a powerful herbology expert. She knows all the way some powerful healing chants and potions that can cure anyone in focus. They also can dismiss you of any curses and debuffs. Despite her fragile appearance Druid is quite tough to beat especially when they scream causing everyone to run away in panic. Unfortunately, her rudimentary wings slow her down in movement and combat speed. Read more

Role: Mage

Profession: Djinn

Origin: Wizard Academy, Magic Realm

Abilities: Lightning Strike, Lightning Splash, Will of Indra

Mage is a very powerful damage dealer. He has a roster of different spells that can deal tremendous amounts of AOE and single target damage. Having said that, his weakness is close combat with strong or multiple enemies as their HP and Defense attributes are quite low. Read more


In June we partnered with such great games and guilds as SolChicks, Bountie Hunter, Daytona, AcknoLedger, Caduceus, CapsCoin, BotPlanet, UpOnly, and IguVerse. And there are many more to come!


Ongoing 3 Million Token Giveaway

The ongoing massive event of 3,000,000 SOM Giveaway caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts, bringing more people to our platforms and channels. You may still join if you still haven’t.

In collaboration with Age Of Tanks, we presented another massive NFT Giveaway with a chance for 14 lucky winners to win the Reward Pool worth $960 of SOM & AOT Playable NFTs.

And we are happy to announce that the ultimate SuperSoul Gameplay blast-off competition with a prize of 30 NFTs + 40,000 SOM tokens is extended until July 18! Do not miss it!

And we joined AcknoLedger in Mega Community NFT Gleam Giveaway Competition that is still ongoing so take part in it if you still haven’t!

Mini-Games & Info boards

Our subscribers’ favorite Soul Card Game and Live Draw with opportunities to win 1000 $SOM for each winner kept everyone entertained all month.


We are happy to see impressive 40k+ subscribers on our Twitter channel. Thank you for your support and comments! You inspire us to work more and create a new level of GameFi.

And one more thing…

Here is our Android Gameplay Review video. Watch it and give your sincere feedback! Or try it yourself by installing the apk file and give feedback in our community.


SOULS OF MΞTΛ is a Cross-Game Multi-Chain Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) Third-person Action-RPG Fantasy NFT Gaming Metaverse of Blades and Sorcery where you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, and travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests and beyond, to have fun playing and earn at the same time!

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