SOULS OF MฮžTฮ› | GamePlay and Interface Overview

If you havenโ€™t tried the playable demo yet, now is a good time to start before the IDO launch. Click here to download and play >> PLAYABLE DEMO.
Android version now available!

If reading a story plot already excites you, we have prepared additional materials that will thrill you even further! If youโ€™re more of the visual type of person, the demos are now available for you to watch. Get a glimpse of this amazing game! You can choose from both short and long versions.

๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป SOM TRAILER SHORT VERSION ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป



Here are several gameplay mechanics that you and your friends can combine to maximize your Fun-2-Play:

  • Select up to 3 NFT characters with the most compatible skillset to beat the upcoming level (choose wisely, death penalties apply!) in the selected Play Mode
  • Switch between your characters and use different abilities to solve Puzzles that are essential to completing the level
  • Hunt down all enemies across the level to maximize your SMP and XP gains
  • Team up against powerful Horde Overlords to obtain more SMP + exclusive NFTs
  • Participate in in-game events to receive unique items, characters, and cosmetics
  • Spend Skill points to learn new skills and level up your playable character NFTs (requires SOM)
  • Spend SOM tokens to upgrade your characters, weapons, etc, and become stronger to be able to farm even more SMP tokens
  • Find mysterious NPCs to receive additional Quests that will lead to hidden treasures
  • Move across Play Modes alone or with your team and complete Daily Missions
  • Visit Marketplace to trade or lend NFTs to other players
  • Stake your SOM tokens and LPs to multiply your gains even further and win special high-tier NFTs
  • Join guilds to find new friends, participate in events together and receive fractional earnings from guilds NFTs lending, staking, and trading
  • Complete Town Quests to upgrade your town, unlock new buildings, NPCs, and quests, and lower the taxes
  • Buy and develop your land to increase your Staking yield dramatically
  • Participate in an unparalleled partnership NFT drops to obtain playable characters from different NFT games!
  • Immerse into Seasonal events and choose a Faction that you will bring to glory and receive massive gains!



This section highlights the amount of SMP you farmed today and the amount of SOM in your non-custodial wallet (i.e. MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc). You can find it in the upper right corner of your screen.


These colorful bars represent your current Health, Mana, Stamina, and XP levels. You can see them in the left lower quadrant of the screen. The Number represents your current level. Icons bearing the Hotkeys (Q/R/E) represent the skills you selected to use.

Yellow โ€” Experience/XP
Green โ€” Stamina
Blue โ€” Mana
Red โ€” HP/Health


It displays your current charactersโ€™ level and set of magical abilities.

Skill Tree

Gain magical abilities as you level up on your game:

  • Electric Charge
  • Power Blast
  • Dash
  • Healing Touch
  • Fireball
  • Ground Blast
  • and many others to come!

You can see them on your SKILL TREE.


This shows the amount of SMP tokens you got in the game, in the upper left corner of your screen. You will be able to swap SMP rewards tokens for SOM utility tokens and use them for NFT upgrades & purchases.


This will guide you through your settlement, its houses, find NPCs, and some Play Modes, on where to go next. This feature is coming up in the following updates.


This highlights your current Party or Guild status. This feature is also coming up in the following updates.


W โ€” Forward
A โ€” Left
S โ€” Backward / Crouch
D โ€” Right
Q/E/R โ€” (Press/Hold) Magical Abilities Assigned
C โ€” Skill Tree
Z/X โ€” Change Hero
SHIFT โ€” Sprint (Hold)
SPACE โ€” Jump
F โ€” Interaction/Open Marketplace/ Dashboard, etc.


This is what your Dashboard would look like:

You will find the list of your Daily Missions to complete on the Dashboard. These will give you huge SMP bonuses upon completion, but they have to be performed on a daily basis. Finish all tasks 7 days in a row to win a random NFT prize. You will also find these features on the Daashboard:

  • Town Quests
  • Guild Quests
  • Factions & Seasons
  • Friends List
  • Leaderboard
  • News
  • Tutorials

The Dashboard is coming up in the next game updates, so stay tuned!


Buy, sell, lend or stake NFT Characters, Weapons & Spell Potions on the Marketplace. Press F to open on the INO Town level!

Marketplace Preview

So why donโ€™t you enter our magical SoulVerse and experience the mysteries of different realms, the art of fighting monsters, and the beauty of the game before the BIG LAUNCH? Different spells, NFT warriors, quests, puzzles, and the remunerative features of Souls of Meta will charm you.

Souls of Meta is not just fun and thrills. It is also financially rewarding!


SOULS OF MฮžTฮ› is a Cross-Game Multi-Chain Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) Third-person Action-RPG Fantasy NFT Gaming Metaverse of Blades and Sorcery where you can own and monetize NFT assets through GameFi and SocialFi, and travel through community-created realms, fight monsters, collaborate with other players (PvE & PvP), solve quests and beyond, to have fun playing and earn at the same time!

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